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Our Garage Raising Day 


Saturday May 14, 2016  9-4 pm

Help us build the new garage that will house our solar array.

Several skilled contractors and architects will lead teams in building the walls of the new garage, setting the trusses, and decking the roof.   No skill is required to help with this project.   Please bring work gloves, and any hand tools you like.   Lunch will be provided.

Address:  422 30th Ave North, Minneapolis, MN 55411

 Garage Dismantle

and Deconstruction Day


Saturday April 16, 2016      9-4 pm

We succeeded in sectioning the garage, starting with the roof, until the garage collapsed onto the cement floor.

We placed the debris in two large dumpsters, where it was hauled to Atomic Recycling, sorted and recycled.

There were 12 volunteers for the morning, and we had the garage completely deconstructed and loaded out in 3 hours.   It was amazing.

After lunch, a second wave of volunteers helped us clean up the site, and clear out debris from the basement.   They also carried out all the chimney brick, which we stacked neatly in the side yard.

garage looks tough

IMG_0460 IMG_0481
temp power
brick house without trees