Carbon Zero Home became a registered nonprofit with 501c3 status in 2015.  

We are a small and action-oriented organization.    We have no employees.   We thrive through the effort of volunteers and our dynamic board of directors.   

Our first project is made possible by personal contributions, small business and corporate donations, and partnerships with other nonprofits– most notably Project for Pride in Living, the developer that put together the bulk of the funds to renovate The Brick House at 422 30th Ave North.   We are partnering with Mplsgreen to promote our project, plus educate the public about the solutions to our Climate problem and how those solutions intersect with all aspects of sustainability.  

brick house, no trees 

Our goal is to complete at least one zero or low emission renovation in each neighborhood in Minneapolis.   By demonstrating that with minimal additional investment, a rehabbed house can become carbon neutral, we hope to influence other contractors to follow our example.    We also hope the City of Minneapolis can use our example to build a program through its new City/Utility Partnership with Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy.   

mpls at night with freeway

While most people know that our Climate is changing and recognize that as a problem, few people are aware of the solutions that are available.  Our promotional efforts concentrate on raising awareness of solutions–particularly building practices–to increase their value.   We especially want to reach the real estate market, the banking industry, and the local business community in general.    We recognize that market-based solutions offer the most rapid means of transitioning to a clean energy economy.    



solar with workerWind Farm and Milo








                         Carbon Zero Home, inc., 4415 Blaisdell Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55419